Our job is to solve efficiently all client’s tasks and goals. Every project fulfilled by us should look harmoniously outwardly and inwardly (i.e. conceptually and visually) without annoying the viewer. Lest we strive to look groundless, so please check up our latest works.

Latest works:


- Portal "" for Bayer (01.04.2011)

- Promo campaign "The energy is inside you!" for Bayer Supradin vitamins (01.02.2011)

- Localization of "NIVEA Brand-site" (01.01.2011)

- Promo campaign "Delicate situations" for Nemiroff Delikat (10.07.2010)

- On-line campaign for NIVEA Visage Young (15.09.2009)

- On-line campaign for NIVEA Happy Time (17.08.2009)

Design & illustrations

- Label design for series of boiled sausages TM "Myasolubov" (03.09.2007)

- Variants of illustration for banner for Lvivska Brewery (25.06.2007)

- «Ocean breeze» and «Water lily» for promo-site Discreet (30.05.2007)

- Trademark and brand identity "Myasolubov" (25.05.2007)

- Illustration for magazine cover (25.04.2007)

- Greeting card (16.03.2007)

ISD Group